#MondayMoment I know #CincodeMayo is always a very divisive celebration amongst Mexican people and many feel the “holiday” itself is a mockery to #Mexican culture.

I am definitely no poster child for Mexican culture (I know most of you have heard my “Spanish”) but I absolutely do my best to not only celebrate my culture, but to support it as well.

There are so many amazing Mexican role models that we can educate ourselves on and organizations here in our community that we can get involved with.

Some organizations I encourage you to look into:

#LideresCampesinas represents a culmination of decades of work by farm working women (Campesinas). Farmworker women have been the leaders of many grassroots and mobilizing efforts to improve the lives of farmworker communities. Líderes Campesinas provides these long-time leaders and activists with the opportunity to coordinate their work statewide and has built collectives so that campesinas may become agents of change and be a more effective unified voice.

#MixtecoIngdigenaCommunityOrganizingProject (MICOP) #Aiding, #organizing and #empowering Ventura County’s #indigenous immigrant communities. Some of the programs they provide are:

#TequioYouthGroup which develops the leadership skills of indigenous Mexican youth to promote indigenous pride, encourage academic achievement, and advocate against bullying of indigenous youth people.

#PlazaComunitaria offers literacy classes to adults above the age of 15 who wish to continue their primary and secondary education (they are currently looking for volunteers).

#LearningWithMomandDad – #HealthyBaby the classes are designed to accommodate low-literacy learners, with linguistically accessible and culturally appropriate curriculum.

I have further information under the page #GetInvolved

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