A Different Kind of Love

A Different Kind of Love

In honor of Mother’s Day being this weekend, I decided to focus on a different kind of love this week.

I have always said that I’ll know I’m in love when I treat them like my mother. I know it sounds weird, but the love I have for that woman is the deepest, purest, most unconditional love I’ve ever known (other than Jesus #hallelujah).

I think when it comes to romantic relationships many times we describe it as unconditional love, but it’s usually not – it’s “I love you as long as you never…I love you, but if you ever…”
Unfortunately, people break up or get divorced and our views of the word unconditional changes. Through my journey with love I’ve realized the only true unconditional love I’ll ever know is God and family.

My mother and the love she has shown me is the closest thing I’ve known to Gods perfect love, she has: fought for me, cried for me, cheered for me, supported me, encouraged me, challenged me, inspired me, strengthened me, and loved me so selflessly from the moment I was born.

She knows the core of who I am because it was her womb I was formed inside of. Which explains why she knows my heart and soul like no one else ever will.

My entire life this woman represented perfection to me, she could do no wrong, I don’t even think I’ve ever really gotten mad at her. I knew deep down she wasn’t actually perfect, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that she is the representation of perfect love – I think I just didn’t know how to word it that way when I was younger.

My relationship with her is what makes me want to have children one day. She represents the epitome of motherhood to me. Growing up she would wake up before everyone, put my dad’s clothes in the dryer so they would be warm for him when he left to work, make his breakfast and lunch, then make our breakfast and lunch, get my brother and I ready for school then get herself ready to run her own business (which she ran from 6am-6pm daily). We had a homemade dinner every single night, she then cleaned up, helped us with homework and did it all again the next day. (She also still managed to cut my sandwiches into heart shapes and leave sticky notes in my lunch box telling me how much she loved me).

I didn’t think there could be a better version of my mom…and then she found God. Not only did she find him, she then led my brother and I to him. I think what has made our Faith stronger is watching the way she lives her life – the way she serves, the way she prays, the way she loves Him so much and encourages our walk with him. She is a Godly woman to her core and I’m constantly in pure awe of her.

I believe unconditional love is freedom – freedom to be who you are, to make mistakes, to take alternative routes, change your mind, disagree – she has never tried to force my brother or I to do or be anything other than ourselves. Whether she agreed with certain decisions or situations we put ourselves in she accepted it because she accepted us – she absolutely will speak up and give us things to think about/consider – but ultimately allows us the freedom to make mistakes, grow, and learn without any guilt or judgment.
She pushes us to want to be the best human beings possible, but has always allowed us to fail.

I have a lot of very strong beliefs and opinions, she has never tried to silence me or make me feel wrong for taking the stances that I do. She has urged me to always be bold, be strong, and use the voice that God has given me. I remember thinking one time, How did God choose us for each other? How did he decide I would get this woman to be my mother? It was never to question Him and His choice, it was just thoughts and feelings of overwhelming gratefulness.

There could never be enough ways or words to thank God for blessing me with this woman. She is the greatest blessing I have ever known.

She is perfect love, she is unconditional love, she is a different kind of love.


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