The Power in Knowing Your Truth

The Power in Knowing Your Truth

The definition of the word true is: real, genuine, authentic. I doubt everything we’ve ever said about someone or that someone has said about us has always been true.

I would find it so frustrating when I knew the words being said about me had no truth to them. It would make me feel vengeful, like I needed to now slander that person (or persons) in order to get back at them. I was absolutely the type of person who would join any type of conflict that I was invited to. I would get this primal instinct to immediately respond and defend myself, to tell “my side” of the story to anyone that would listen.

When I started working in radio I realized it was a whole new platform for people to say good AND bad things about me. I’ve definitely learned that people feel they have more of a right to say anything about me simply because of the position I’m in. To which I say, to each their own.

I’m grateful I’m in this position at this time in my life versus a couple years ago. I no longer desire to respond to every negative or rude comment, and I will absolutely not engage in social media drama. If I do respond, my hope is that it can always be constructive and that it can somehow be a “teachable moment.” (Don’t get me wrong, sometimes people and comments are just way to ignorant for that to be possible)

Social media has made it so much easier for people to be cruel and senseless with their words and comments, everyone is real “brave” behind their keyboards. From Facebook rants, to Twitter wars, to going at it in the IG comment section – nowadays everyone has something to say. To which I say, Let Them.

Let Them do Them and You do You.

Whether it’s on social media or in real life – words can hurt – they carry so much power. It’s understandable why so many people get worked up over them. But if YOU know Your Truth and God knows Your Truth, who else do you really need to prove anything to?

My relationship with God has completely changed the way I choose to respond to people. I’ve realized that when someone speaks poorly of you or makes up lies about you – how broken must THEY be? I say this in almost every post: hurt people, hurt people. If I look at it from this perspective it allows me to feel sorry for them, versus feeling anger towards them. I’ve also learned that most people just want a reaction from you. Don’t go there. Giving them the reaction they’re looking for is only wasting your time and encouraging them to continue coming after you. Say God bless you and keep it moving.

There is so much power in not only knowing your truth, but owning your truth. To know it is freedom, freedom to be you and do you. To own it, is to be honest with yourself about yourself. There are things I’ve had to admit to myself about myself that don’t always feel good, but it’s necessary.

If you can’t be honest with yourself, how can you be honest with others?

Make being honest with yourself a priority. I believe where there’s truth there’s love. If you have not yet learned to give both truth and love to yourself, you will always struggle in giving it to others.



Own Your Power, by Knowing and Owning Your Truth.


  1. Always like reading your Blogs because they are very insightful and it challenges me to really look at myself and ask myself the question you mentioned above. Am I really being True and Honest with myself and if I’m not how can I be with others! It’s something that I struggle with and hopefully have the courage to get to a point in my life when I could answer that question because at the moment I am not. Thank you once again for your Blogs as they are very inspirational.

    1. Thank you Ray, always appreciate your thoughtful comments. We’re a all a constant work in progress, there’s never going to be a day when we’re completely done learning or growing. One day at a time!

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